WOD For July 08

Covid 19 Self Assessment Tool ()

Please log on to http://ca.thrive.health/covid19/en By registering or signing into class you are guaranteeing you have completed the self assessment and are healthy and fit to participate in class.

Zoom link ()

https://zoom.us/j/7778653331… Meeting ID: 777 865 3331 Password: 815545

Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General Alt Tabata -Jumping jacks -Frog Glute bridges B. Specific at gym 5-7 Standing high pulls 5-7 High pull into power clean 5-7 muscle squat clean (look for full vertical drive before moving into squat) 5-7 split jerk (pause @ reception) 5-7 squat cleans + Split jerk B. Specific at home AMRAP 3mins 7 Pause jumping air squats 9/side Single arm bulgarian split squat DB press 12/side bulgarian split squat

Weightlifting ()

Shoulder Press (Weight)

reps@% Building from 50-70%

Metcon ()

Metcon (Time)

6-9-12 reps for time Burpee Thruster (45/35) rest 5 min 3 Rounds 15 Burpee 15 Power Snatch (45/35) rest 5 min 12-9-6 Burpee Thruster (45/35)

Accessory ()

Metcon (Distance)

Tempo Conditioning Run 5 rounds 2mins @RPE 9/10 3mins @RPE 5 4mins rest 5 rounds: 200m @RPE 5 200m @RPE 10

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