A Great Success Story

We would love to congratulate long time Member Mark on his amazing progress.

"Never thought I would do anything like CrossFit in my life. Always hated going to the gym... actually... change that to never went to the gym. Working out alone, not knowing what to do, feeling intimidated wasn't for me and and quite frankly I found the gym boring. Well Crossfit and the team at the Cabin changed all that!

I spent my 30's using my health to build my wealth. I was commuting to downtown Toronto, working 60 hours weeks, flying out on business trips and generally eating unhealthily. I was way to busy for fitness. In my 40's these poor decisions started to catch up with me.

And in 2014 it did catch up with me. I was 40 pounds overweight (and adding to that total every year) and in the worst pain I had ever experienced with a severe pinched nerve in my neck. I couldn't sleep more than a few hours without pain killers and went to bed with them laid out on my bedside table.

Visits to my doctor got me nowhere and the only thing that helped was physiotherapy. However the pain lingered and after almost a year I decided the best option to resolve my chronic pain was to get in better physical shape.

I had heard about CrossFit from some friends and decided to check it out. I have to admit walking into the Cabin Crossfit the very first time was intimidating. There was a lot going on with a class underway but Brent the owner saw me, really welcomed me, and talked to me about how Crossfit is for everyone ... no matter size, shape, or fitness level.

I committed to attending two classes a week and found myself actually enjoying it. Soon it was three classes a week and eventually five! Lets be honest - it takes a lot of work and commitment -but the results for me are that I am in the best shape of my life, have lost 40 pounds, and have no more chronic pain!

What do I love most about Crossfit? The community of friends, the coaching, the ability to work to my level and the unique variety of workouts that push me every day. All my perceived negatives about going to the gym have become positives!

I really appreciate all that Brent and the coaches at the Cabin have done for me."

Mark Wilson
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