Jules Junior Simon

Trainer | Level 2

Jules was introduced to Crossfit back in 2008 while attending Ontario Police College. Already having a gymnastics background made Crossfit a perfect mesh for Jules. He loves to help athletes work on their gymnastics movements and bring a unique skill set as a coach. Jules started coaching 5 years ago and has his Crossfit Level 2 Trainer. One of his motto’s you will hear him saying around the gym is “don’t think about it, be about it!”

  • " So awesome! Kicks my butt every time but I love going back!... "

    Tamra Frivalt

  • " Amazing atmosphere, great people, very open to newbies and supportive. Loving it :)... "

    Shauna Jones

  • " I have worked out for years and found I was loosing interest, it became a routine more then something I truly enjoyed. After my free session at Cabin my love for training was refreshed, the hard work ... "

    Trevor Howard

  • " Fun, welcoming atmosphere and always a great workout!... "

    Shannon Robertson