Holly Pavlovic

Trainer | Level 1

Hi Iím holly! Im a coach at the cabin crossfit, i also have my certificate in personal training and fitness and health promotion. I love fitness and health, and i love sharing my knowledge to help everyone who seeks it! I am also currently a paramedic student, aspiring to be the best paramedic i can be.

  • " The clients and the staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Super helpful. That alone will keep me coming back. #nottomentiontheresults... "

    Jennifer Cameron

  • " The Cabin CrossFit is amazing on so many levels. The people, the workouts and the support to push yourself to the next level.... "

    Matthew Wylie

  • " Love the environment, people are always welcoming and coaches are knowledgeable and helpful. Great workout every time!!!!!... "

    lock Jennifer

  • " Amazing and very welcoming atmosphere. Great family is a great gym and to me, Cabin CrossFit is great because of the people that are in the box and of course, great trainers that care & watch and corr... "

    Vick Aggarwal