Personal Rehabilitation Services

A rehabilitation service line with a registered physiotherapist on contract working out of our location.

This will allow us to round out our service offering by having another reason to come to our location. The physio will work closely with our team doing assessments, reassessments, and some of the treatments. You will still get to work with our team as well for sessions that are overseen by the physiotherapist.

If you come for training already this is a great service to do before or after your session and if you are considering some of our other services like personal training or classes and havenít signed up yet, a great place to start is to come in for a physiotherapy assessment and to start with rehabilitation if there are any real chronic or acute issues to work on. From there, if it makes sense to look at the other services as well we can work with you separately a little bit before or after your physio session.

When you come in for your assessment, please ensure you come prepared to discuss any issues that you have. We do a one-time intake process to minimize administration so you can bring a credit card for if you end up doing a treatment plan. With your assessments we ask patients to do a refundable deposit for the first three sessions as we create a credit on your account. People are only billed twice a month, after sessions are complete.

Benefits & Assessments

It its necessary to have an initial assessment because most people who come in arenít sure what issues they have that are causing pain or discomfort, so after an assessment youíre able to identify what issues you could work on. Our physiotherapist actually works on a flat fee and will always recommend a treatment plan designed to get you fully better. Itís recommended that if you truly want to get back to 100% you follow the recommended plan, but in the case where you want to have your benefits cover some or all of the treatments itís helpful to let us know what your benefits are ahead of time so that the physiotherapist can try to design a plan that allows you to minimize the amount you need to pay out of pocket.

Managing Pushback on Compliance

With respect to our team working as physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) we are working exactly inline with all guidelines set out by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. The physiotherapist vets each PTA to ensure they are comfortable delegating some of the care and then they are reachable if needed either in person or via phone if they are offsite. For complicated treatment plans the physiotherapist will either do the treatments themselves or recommend the patient goes offsite to get treatments, however given we arenít working with any motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases, or WSIB patients, a lot of the issues people come in with are chronic issues that can easily be treated out of our facility. When the physio is onsite they will spend time doing a combination of actual treatments, assessments, and reassessments

  • All treatments notes (SOAP notes) are kept up to date and reviewed by the physio
  • Patient files are all kept in a locked cabinet
  • All PTAs are vetted by the physiotherapists
  • Billing is only done after sessions are complete and documentation is all completed

How Payments Work

When you come in for your assessment ensure you come prepared with your credit card and intake forms so that the assessment time can be used to focus on you and any issues you may be experiencing. Payments occur halfway through the month and at month end for sessions that have taken place during the month. You will receive an invoice within a day or two after that you may use to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. In order to ensure we send invoices only once documentation is complete we typically send invoices out 1-2 days after billing. Note that if you require the invoice at the time of billing you can request this.

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