WOD For December 13

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

30 Double Unders + 6 C2B Pull Ups
Rest 2:00

30 Double Unders + 6 C2B Pull Ups

RX+ 3 Bar Muscle Ups
Fitness 6 Pullups


Babs (Time)

15 C2B Pullups
20 Kipping HSPU
25 Wallballs
30/23 Cal Row

Fitness Pullups


Metcon (No Measure)


In a 10:00 Window,
5 Strict TTB
25' HS Walk or 30 second hold on wall


  • " What a great first class I had last weekend. So much encouragement from staff and members! Thanks!... "

    Sarah Katherine

  • " These guys know their stuff and make you work for it. You wanna sweat? Cross fit. Do it!... "

    Erin Thomas

  • " The Cabin from Day 1 always made me feel welcome and that even though I'm not always the fastest or strongest - it doesn't matter because I'm better than I was the day before. Thanks for introducing m... "

    Mandy Joan

  • " The Cabin CrossFit is amazing on so many levels. The people, the workouts and the support to push yourself to the next level.... "

    Matthew Wylie