WOD For July 08

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Password: 815545

Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General
Alt Tabata
-Jumping jacks
-Frog Glute bridges

B. Specific at gym
5-7 Standing high pulls
5-7 High pull into power clean
5-7 muscle squat clean (look for full vertical drive before moving into squat)
5-7 split jerk (pause @ reception)
5-7 squat cleans + Split jerk

B. Specific at home
AMRAP 3mins
7 Pause jumping air squats
9/side Single arm bulgarian split squat DB press
12/side bulgarian split squat


Weightlifting ()



Shoulder Press (Weight)


Building from 50-70%

Metcon ()



Metcon (Time)

6-9-12 reps for time
Thruster (45/35)

rest 5 min

3 Rounds
15 Burpee
15 Power Snatch (45/35)

rest 5 min

Thruster (45/35)


Accessory ()



Metcon (Distance)

Tempo Conditioning

5 rounds
2mins @RPE 9/10
3mins @RPE 5

4mins rest

5 rounds:

200m @RPE 5
200m @RPE 10


  • " Awesome!!!! Challenging workouts, excellent coaches, and a friendly and encouraging environment.... "

    Phil Dallimore

  • " The Cabin Crossfit is a great family to become a part of! The gym is filled with motivated participants and coaches encouraging each individual to reach their goal! They care about your well-being and... "

    Samantha Pereira da Silva

  • " The clients and the staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Super helpful. That alone will keep me coming back. #nottomentiontheresults... "

    Jennifer Cameron

  • " What a great first class I had last weekend. So much encouragement from staff and members! Thanks!... "

    Sarah Katherine