WOD For September 18

Metcon (No Measure)

Strict Gymnastics

4 Rounds of:

15 Second Ring Support Hold
30 Second Plank
35 Second Handstand Hold (against wall)


Always Remembered (Time)

In teams of 2:

2001m Buy in Row

4 Rounds of:
9 Rope Climbs
11 Bear Complexes

2977m Row Cash out

Fitness (95/65)
Rx (115/80)
Bear Complex = Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Jerk, Back Squat, Push Jerk (Back Rack).
In this complex, stand up the power clean fully before starting the squat. Finish the both squats in full (stand to extension) before moving into the push jerk. Today we are to complete each movement in full before moving onto the next, as opposed to blending the movements together (such as a squat clean).

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